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True North Archives - November 14, 2006
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Featured Articles

Time to "Revolt and Repeal"
By Robert Maynard
… There are indications that the message being sent is not one of "full speed ahead" when it comes to spending. One ray of hope seems to come from a growing grassroots movement know as "Revolt and Repeal"…. We need to stand with the "Revolt and Repeal" movement while insisting that any solution this time be aimed at the problem and not just one of its symptoms. The real problem is the premise which the left has been promoting. Namely, that more money equals better education… -- Robert Maynard lives in Williston.

St. Johnsbury Academy:
Proof That Choice Works and Schools Can Be Better
By David W. Kirkpatrick 
… The Academy has been described as "a cutting edge voucher school" and "arguably the most complex high school in America and certainly the most original and dynamic."… Most public school educators have probably never heard of St. Johnsbury or its outstanding record even though a Google search for "St. Johnsbury Academy" produces about 39,000 hits. But then public educators rarely express curiosity about what's occurring in neighboring districts. Probably no field is as intellectually somnolent as education…. -- David W. Kirkpatrick is Senior Education Fellow, U.S. Freedom Foundation (

Turn to the Market for Bargain Priced Medications
By John McClaughry
…. Now is a good time to reassess the state's vaunted participation in the ISaveRx program. This is the Illinois-based program to purchase prescription drugs in foreign countries for low-cost sale to Vermonters…. This limited survey shows that ISaveRx charges two and a half times what it would cost to pick up the same generics at Wal-Mart, and three times as much as buying online through MedSave. – John McClaughry is president of the Ethan Allen Institute (

Vermont Voters Have Spoken, and Our Choices Are Clear
By Maury Lorenz
We joined the rest of the country on the main national issue and repudiated George Bush and those tainted by membership in his party. In the U.S House contest the Republican tag was too big a burden even for Martha Rainville, a really attractive moderate alternative to Peter Welch. To no one’s surprise we chose for the U.S. Senate a socialist…. – Maury Lorenz lives in Woodstock

Vermont News

Voters approve charter changes
By Sky Barsch, Burlington Free Press, November 7, 2006
South Burlington voters approved amending the city charter so citizens vote on city and school budgets, with a caveat that if a budget fails twice, City Hall or the school district must live with the previous year’s budget…. Voters approved the budget voting measure by 4,653-2,960, or 61-39 percent…. Jay Zaetz… led the petition drive to change the way budgets are decided….

Editor’s Note: This was a bit of silver lining in the election last Tuesday. The overwhelming support of "Two Strikes" budget rules by South Burlington voters represents the best hope for containing out-of-control spending in Vermont. Let’s hope "Two Strikes" catches fire in other towns with the same enthusiasm "Revolt & Repeal" is enjoying. 

Voluntary program begins Internet sales tax for Vermonters
By Dan McLean, Burlington Free Press, November 5, 2006 
The days of tax-free Internet shopping are fading. Starting Jan. 1, 2007, state residents will pay Vermont sales tax on Internet purchases if the transaction is made with one of the 1,047 companies that have signed on to the "streamlined sales tax project."… The tax project adds local and state sales taxes to the cost of the Internet sale -- assuming the shopper lives in one of the 21 states participating in the program….

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Editor’s Note: Thanks to our legislators for "volunteering" us to pay more taxes!!

VT's Cuckoo Choo-Choo
Caledonian Record, Editorial, November 11, 2006
It's distressing to read that Vermont legislators, once again, are poised to spend millions of dollars to try to resuscitate passenger rail traffic through Vermont. Rail traffic as a serious alternative to other means of transportation is as dead as a fish lying in the desert sun for a week, yet, the administration is still pushing a $17.5 million expenditure for self-propelled passenger cars. When will they learn?... 

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Parents form their own groups in response to school district proposals
By Jill Fahy, Burlington Free Press, November 8, 2006
Two grass-roots parent organizations have sprung up in response to three school district recommendations aimed at achieving socio-economic integration. One group, Burlingtonians for Responsible Change, opposes the recommendations outright and has planned an open-mike forum for tonight at Hunt Middle School…. Annie Treat, whose husband, Tom, was instrumental in forming Burlingtonians for Responsible Change, formerly called No Bus For Us, said she remains suspicious of the School Board's intentions and questions whether the public voice will be part of its final decision. "I became immediately alarmed because I knew what they tried last year," Treat said, referring to a failed district proposal to close Barnes Elementary. "You should always question and ask 'What are they going to do?'… 

Related: Parents speak out on Burlington School District proposal for socio-economic integration:About 120 parents gathered at Hunt Middle School on Wednesday night to debate what has become a highly controversial school district proposal to integrate low-and middle-income students across the district's six elementary schools. "I believe this is an issue of the School Board searching for a problem that may or may not exist," said Gordon Smith, a C.P. Smith Elementary School parent. Smith said school choice, through vouchers, would be the best way to integrate the schools….
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From Elsewhere

The Good News And The Bad
By Hugh Hewitt, Wednesday, November 08, 2006
…. The long and short of this bad but not horrific night was that majorities must act like majorities.  The public cares little for the "traditions" of the Senate or the way the appropriations process used to work. It demands results. Handed a large majority, the GOP frittered it away. The chief fritterer was Senator McCain and his Gang of 14 and Kennedy-McCain immigration bill, supplemented by a last minute throw down that prevented the NSA bill from progressing or the key judicial nominations from receiving a vote. His accomplice in that master stroke was Senator Graham. Together they cost their friend Mike DeWine his seat in the Senate, and all their Republican colleagues their chairmanships. Senator McCain should rethink his presidential run. Amid the ruins of the GOP's majority there is a clear culprit….

Liberal groups expect post-election results
Activists who helped Democrats secure Congress make clear they intend to get their reward.
By Peter Wallsten and Janet Hook, LA Times, November 12, 2006
After toppling the long-dominant Republicans in a hard-fought election, the Democratic Party's incoming congressional leaders have immediately found themselves in another difficult struggle — with their own supporters. Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco in the House and Harry Reid… pledged in recent days to "govern from the center," after a campaign in which anger over the Iraq war and GOP scandals helped their party attract some unusually conservative candidates and a large share of independent voters. Turning off those new voters could undermine Democrats' hopes of solidifying their new majorities and taking the White House in 2008. But to the leaders of interest groups who are core supporters of the Democratic Party, and who had been barred under Republican rule from the inner sanctums of power, the new Congress means a time for action, not compromise….

Bill Gates says West not supplying enough IT talent
By James Kilner, November 7, 2006
…"Worldwide, a lot of the developed countries are not graduating as many IT students as they were in the past…" Gates said…. Many Western firms have also outsourced data management, software development and other high tech operations to lower cost operators in Asia, where education standards are high….

New York Plans to Make Gender Personal Choice
By Damien Cave, New York Times, November 7, 2006
Separating anatomy from what it means to be a man or a woman, New York City is moving forward with a plan to let people alter the sex on their birth certificate even if they have not had sex-change surgery. Under the rule being considered by the city’s Board of Health, which is likely to be adopted soon, people born in the city would be able to change the documented sex on their birth certificates by providing affidavits from a doctor and a mental health professional laying out why their patients should be considered members of the opposite sex…. The change would lead to many intriguing questions: For example, would a man who becomes a woman be able to marry another man? (Probably.) Would an adoption agency be able to uncover the original sex of a proposed parent? (Not without a court order.) Would a woman who becomes a man be able to fight in combat, or play in the National Football League? (These areas have yet to be explored.)….

Editor’s note: Totally insane!







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