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True North Archives - November 06, 2006
Election 2006 Special Edition

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Some thoughts to take to the polls

"The Democratic coalition is giddy with anticipation.… Labor unions - especially the teachers' unions - are salivating at the prospect of the windfalls that await them. Radical enviros, feminists, trial lawyers, the ACLU, nannyists, minority activists, gun controllers, illegal immigrants, socialists, etc. - all those who want something from government at someone else's expense - will go to sleep on election eve with visions of political sugar plums dancing in their heads if Democrats sweep the field. Nationally, Nancy Pelosi dreams of being Speaker of the House. Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan imagine testifying at President Bush's impeachment hearings. Al Franken fantasizes about being Hillary's presidential press secretary in 2009. It's time for a Republican gut check: If frustrated conservatives think spending has been too high under the party that favors limited government, wait 'til they see how high it goes under the party of unlimited government…." 
Mike Rosen  (Link to the full article below)

Featured Articles

Statehouse makeup is critical
By Mark Shepard
"…. Another time I introduced a resolution outlining numerous reasons to oppose expansion of federal wilderness within the Green Mountain National Forest. While an identical resolution was allowed a fair debate and vote on the floor of the Republican-controlled House, in the Senate under Peter Welch’s control, opportunity for discussion and voting was shut down. In the House, where discussion was allowed, the resolution passed 86-56, with bipartisan support.…" – Mark Shepard is a State Senator from Bennington County

More Taxes, Anyone?!
By Frank Mazur
".... Now some politicians want to tax us even more and repeal all the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts that were about to expire?  The Vermont legislature this past session proposed a gas tax increase, gas guzzler tax and property transfer tax increase plus many increased taxes/fees including the Catamount Health misfire. One of Calvin Coolidge’s Rules was "Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery."  The $43,000 total tax burden on average on family of four is not only excessive but outrageous.... – Frank Mazur, a small business owner and former state representative, is chair of the advisory board of Vermont FreedomWorks. 

An Epiphany in Brattleboro
by J.B. Stuart 
"…. Revolt and Repeal advocates a clean, decisive first step for getting Vermont out of this mess.  Let’s scrap this monster.  Bury it and, if necessary, drive a stake through its heart. Taxes have to be paid, revenues have to be raised, but there is nothing sacred about a system that does not result in the outcomes its advocates promised and, in fact, accomplishes exactly their opposite.  In their hot pursuit of fairness, the legislators in Montpelier have inflicted on Vermonters a system that is patently unfair…."

Common Denominator Part II, Restoration
By Steve Cable
In Part I talked about how bad things have gotten in Vermont over the last twenty years. We have an unsustainable and decreasing birth rate, 57,000 abortions a year, 1 in 6 youth under Vermont correctional care, 635 percent increase in family crime, 1 in 4 of our youth have one or more sexually transmitted disease, 200 percent rise in drug and alcohol abuse, and, to top it all off, the sky-high costs of correction, Medicaid and welfare. This inevitably leads to tax and fee increases that put Vermont in the top rank of general taxation but below the curve in median income. This is all alarming, but I believe still fixable. – Steve Cable is President of Vermont Renewal

Campaign ‘06

'Revolt And Repeal' Movement Gathering Steam
By Robin Smith and James Jardine, Caledonian Record, November 1
"…. Many Northeast Kingdom candidates and town officials, including more than half of the House candidates in Orleans County, have joined the movement to Revolt and Repeal Act 60 and 68, the state's education funding mechanism… '"I hope by the end of the year we will get 100 to 150 towns on board,' [Rep. Rick] Hube said…. Across the state, 87 House candidates have signed up, according to the Web site and calls to candidates…."

Burlington Free Press: Rich Tarrant Deserves Shot at U.S. Senate
"Election 2006 has driven the point home: Vermonters are worried about taxes, health care and the other costs of daily life that combine to make this state less affordable. Rich Tarrant offers practical and creative ideas on jobs, taxes and a more streamlined health care delivery system. He deserves a chance to bring these and other ideas to the U.S. Senate…."

Rutland Herald/Times Argus: Brock for auditor
"Randy Brock has brought a high level of professionalism to the office of state auditor, and there is no question he ought to be re-elected so he can continue his work…. Brock has launched an audit of the state's Medicaid program, which is important because Medicaid handles more money than virtually any other program in state government. The program was reporting a zero percent error rate, an unrealistic result that aroused Brock's suspicion. As an auditor, he said he was following the dictum of the famous bank robber Willie Sutton — 'Go where the money is'…."

Caledonian Record: Brian Dubie Is Our Man
"…. Brian has been a champion of Vermont and Vermont products all over the place. He is America's unofficial ambassador to Quebec and is on first-name terms with the Canadian national administration. He went to Cuba and is persona very much grata in that country, where he brought about some large Cuban purchases of Vermont farm products. He went to China and charmed Chinese officialdom, men who usually are as dour as if they had just finished sucking on a sour pickle. It is rumored they were actually seen laughing at Brian's infectious good humor."

St. Albans Messenger: Martha Rainville has character, integrity needed
"The race between Peter Welch and Martha Rainville for U.S. Congress has been the statewide race that has provided Vermonters the integrity they deserve, the depth of discussion they need, and the civility they crave. It was a direction set by Republican Martha Rainville, an intuitive reaction to a dysfunctional political system she would like to shakeup - and in this race, only she has the power to do so..." 

Brattleboro Reformer: Douglas deserves two more years
"When it comes to Vermont and what Vermonters want, there is no equal to Douglas in listening, squaring up opposing viewpoints and being the leader who can absorb the issues for the cross-section of balance and fairness. We in Windham County often disagree with those decisions, but we could probably stand to learn a lesson or two on finding the common ground. In Vermont's best interests, Douglas gets our endorsement for a third term."

Check Out How Your State Reps and Senators Voted:
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Static quo: Authors take aim at media in new book
By Shay Totten, Vermont Guardian, November 2, 2006
"But, recent pleas to listeners of the nationally-syndicated Democracy Now! program hosted by Amy Goodman are exactly what people have been hearing during the 5:30-6:30 p.m. time slot…."

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Voluntary program begins Internet sales tax for Vermonters
Burlington Free Press, November 5, 2006
"'Internet sales continue to grow year to year. ... It's creating a problem because our tax base is eroding over time,' Wasser said."

News & Election Coverage from Elsewhere

Study Confirms Left Wing Media Bias (pdf)
By Media Research Center
"A new study released today [10/31/06] by the non-partisan Center for Media and Public Affairs (CMPA) confirms the bias more than three fourths (77%) of ABC, CBS and NBC evening news references to Democrats this fall have been favorable, while 88% of the coverage given GOP candidates has been negative, an unprecedented disparity." 

Media Twist Good Economy  Into Bad News
"On October 6, the Labor Department announced that a previously overlooked 810,000 new jobs had been created since March 2005, a huge positive revision. None of the network evening newscasts said a word about it. A week later (October 11), final numbers showed the much-bemoaned federal budget deficit had been cut nearly in half since 2004, thanks to surging tax revenues credited to strong economic growth. That night, ABC and CBS skipped it, while NBC Nightly News gave the story just 22 seconds."

Gut-check time for GOP
Mike Rosen, November 3, 2006
"….The fortunes of political parties are much affected by the Election Day turnout of their base. The conventional wisdom about this election is that the Democrat base is angry and hungry to regain its lost power, and that much of the Republicans base is frustrated and dispirited. I'll leave the Democrat cheerleading to Democrats. My message to fellow Republicans and conservative-leaning independents is very simply: Grow up and get over it. Don't indulge your frustration and don't cut off your nose to spite your face…."

Dissent On Ice
Investor's Business Daily, Posted 10/30/2006 
"Like an ill wind that never stops blowing, the global warming lobby keeps pushing for a solution when there's no problem. This time it's eco-taxes that are going to save us from our selfish selves. British media are calling a government proposal there a "secret document" to levy "a package of stealth taxes on fuel, cars, air travel and consumer goods . . . to combat global warming." The plan is in response to the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change, a reportedly grim document written by former World Bank chief Sir Nicholas Stern that is, well, overheated. Spouting hyperbole and distortions about actively debated science is one thing; using it to justify a wallet grab is another….







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