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. True North Archives 10/31/06

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Response to Michael J. Fox
By Mary Hahn Beerworth
…. Pro-embryonic stem cell researchers ignore the dangers of destroying human life for research purposes. To guard against abuses, the post-Nazi Nuremberg Code, The World Medical Associations’ Helsinki Declaration and the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights all declare: "Members of the human species who cannot give informed consent for research should not be subjects of an experiment unless they personally may benefit from it." Death for those who cannot give informed consent is not a personal benefit…. –Mary Beerworth is Executive Director for Vermont Right to Life.

Get Creative about Education Spending
By John McClaughry
Taxpayer anger about the rising costs of public education - reflected in steadily rising education property taxes - has become the central issue for the 2007 legislature…. Taxpayers have good reason to be angry about all this. And the newly elected legislators and governor will certainly have to do something to respond to their demands for relief. In recent months several schools of thought have emerged…. -- John McClaughry is President of the Ethan Allen Institute (

Ruminations of a Reluctant Candidate
By Pete Behr
…. Despite the fact that Democrat legislators had been instrumental in passing, or had supported the continuation of Acts 60/68, they all recanted, saying that property tax reform is needed. But then they advocated all kinds of new entitlements, which are obviously going to cost a lot of money, the source of which was never mentioned (no new taxes?).... – Pete Behr writes a regular column for the Woodstock Standard.

An Open Letter on Wilderness to Robert Paquin, aide to Senator Patrick Leahy
by James Ehlers
There is great concern among many that the wilderness issue has not been dealt with fairly or impartially.  On this point, she is absolutely correct.  Many believe that your office attempted to circumvent the US Forest Service appeals process and block the opportunity for Vermonters to offer congressional testimony opposing the addition of more federal government restrictions on Vermont lands....

Campaign ‘06

Taxes and Education Costs Key Issues With Candidates
By Jeanne Miles, Caledonian Record, October 25 
Spiraling property taxes brought on by the high cost of education and the lack of career opportunities for young people in the state are the key issues facing the Vermont Legislature this session. These were the concerns expressed by candidates for the Caledonia Senate District during a debate held at Lyndon State College Tuesday night…. Asked if they would be willing to repeal Act 68, the state's education funding law, the candidates were divided. Coppenrath said he would. "I think we can do better," he said. Reed said he preferred school vouchers. The state would set a value on the vouchers and parents could send their children to the school of their choice…. The Democrats were not ready to commit to repealing the law….

Vermont Chamber of Commerce Voter Scorecard

Vermont Affordability Scorecard

Ethan Allen Institute/FreedomWorks Voters’ Report Card

Vermont Week in Review

Ludlow joins Vt. tax revolt
By Stephen Seitz, Rutland Herald, Oct. 26, 2006
… Ludlow joined the movement to repeal the statewide property tax to fund education. Selectmen voted unanimously to demand that the Legislature repeal the statewide property tax and find some other way to fund education. Specifically, the Ludlow resolution calls for "the General Assembly of Vermont to REPEAL the statewide property tax, so that a more equitable and fair funding mechanism can be developed, with greater local control and accountability, and a renewed commitment to the quality of education our children receive."

Rail Line Costing Vermont More Than $1M In Grants
By Taylor Reed, Caledonian Record, October 27, 2006
The state of Vermont is spending big money on the state-owned rail line between White River Junction and Newport, and the company that runs it. Washington County Railroad has been awarded more than $1 million in grants since 2003, including a recent $150,000, said John Zicconi, spokesman for the Vermont Agency of Transportation…. The new money comes on the heels of $900,000 awarded over the last three years to Washington County…. However, the rail line may need a lot more money, according to the November 2005 Vermont Rail Council meeting minutes. $2 Million Per Year Projected….

Related: Railroading the Taxpayers, by Frank Mazur (TrueNorthRadio.Com Archive)

Council approves Intervale land sale
By John Briggs, Burlington Free Press, October 24, 2006
…. The vote was 7-5. The sale of the land for $200,000 seemed at times over the last two months to be headed for delay if not defeat in the council, as some complained that the price was too low and the sale unnecessary….


Voters Still Want Tax Cuts
And some Democrats are smart enough to deliver.
By Brendan Miniter, October 24, 2006
…. On taxes, Republicans win when they are unequivocally on the side of paying less. And in the states where GOP lawmakers have waffled or, worse, raised taxes, the party tends to implode. In Tennessee, GOP Gov. Don Sundquist spent his last few years in office trying to create a state income tax and voters rewarded his party in 2002 by sending Democrat Phil Bredesen to the governor's mansion…. In Colorado, the Republican foundation has crumbled in the past few years. It shouldn't be lost on anyone on the right that two years ago GOP Gov. Bill Owens led the effort to suspend the state's Taxpayers' Bill of Rights to allow for sharp increases in spending….

Highly Qualified Teachers?  Behind The Rhetoric
By David Kirkpatrick, Freedom Foundation, Oct. 26, 2006
One requirement of the No Child Left Behind Act is that all teachers be "highly qualified."  The law specifies that each teacher have a bachelor's degree, state certification and a "demonstrated knowledge" in the core subject they teach.  ....As of June 30, 2006, beyond the four year deadline, not one state met that requirement.

Litigation Day: Control of Congress may be decided in the courts
By John Fund, October 23, 2006
Everyone is speculating about which party will control Congress after next month's voting. But we may not know for a while. We could see either party pursue the kind of lawsuits that Al Gore unleashed in Florida in 2000 and contest any number of tight races that are within the "margin of litigation." Recounts and even seating challenges in Congress could stretch on for weeks--another endless election. "We're waiting for the day that pols can cut out the middleman and settle all elections in court," jokes the political newsletter Hotline….

Where We Went Wrong
By Dick Armey, Sunday, October 29
…. The answer is simple: Republican lawmakers forgot the party's principles, became enamored with power and position, and began putting politics over policy. Now, the Democrats are reaping the rewards of our neglect -- and we have no one to blame but ourselves…. The leadership must remember that the modern conservative movement is a fusion of social and fiscal conservatives united in their belief in limited government. The party must keep both in the fold. Republicans also need to get back to being the party of big ideas….







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