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True North Archives - September 15, 2009
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Health Care is a Human Right—And Must be Preserved
By Deborah T. Bucknam

To the Vermont Workers’ Center members, their slogan means that health care is a benefit that government must bestow on its citizens. That is the opposite of what human rights means in the U.S. Constitution....

Because Americans understand that the God-given right for each of us to control our own health care is a part of the fundamental rights that cannot be taken from us by any entity, no matter how powerful, many Americans recoil at the proposals for government controlled health care. Americans instinctively appreciate that this type of government benefit is inexorably linked with government control, and government control of such intimate and personal decisions violates one of our most sacred and fundamental rights.

The Vermont Republican Party Welcomes Tom Salmon
By Rob Roper

It has become increasingly apparent that there is no room for fiscally responsible leaders like Tom Salmon in today's Vermont Democratic Party, but there will always be room for leaders with Tom Salmon's character and commitment to service in the Vermont Republican party. 

"I Do Not Choose to Run"
By Martin Harris

A Rutland Herald LttE-writer put it well, recently: "…Douglas will have for the first time in his political life the opportunity to do what he thinks is right and not what will get him elected. It will be interesting to finally find out what he thinks is right". Split infinitive aside, the writer is right, even though he’s careful not to say what he himself thinks is right. I choose to be more specific, drawing on an Internet humor-piece which went the rounds a year ago: In it, President George Bush said to his tormentors something like "I’m done putting up with you guys, and I’m outta here. If you’re so smart, you run things". It was a 2008 riff on a 1976 theme at the heart of the film Network, in which news-anchor Howard Beale announces that "I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this any more". It led to a rash of copy-cat situations in which ordinary folks threw open their windows and announced similarly to a (mostly-uninterested) world.

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"Without Freedom of Thought, there can be no such thing as Wisdom; and no such thing as public Liberty, without Freedom of Speech." 

- Ben Franklin The New England Courant, July 9, 1722

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Vermont Weekly News Round-Up

A Man Of Integrity and Intelligence
Caledonia Record Editorial, September 9, 2009

John McClaughry stepped down this summer from heading the Ethan Allen Institute, a uniquely Vermont think-tank that he founded in 1993. The Institute embraces a free-market philosophy developed from the philosophies of Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman. John has been its center since its founding.

John has been the voice of responsible conservatism since he came to the Northeast Kingdom forty plus years ago. His commentaries and reports before and since the founding of the Institute have been characterized by half a dozen McClaughry earmarks. They have been factually accurate. John does his research carefully, and his analyses are always consistent with the facts. His conclusions are inescapable logical imperatives from his research. His voice is understated, never embellishing his narrative with hortatory rhetoric. And, his analyses and presentations don't care whose sacred cow is gored if that is where his research leads him.

Governor Wanted
Poor Pay; No Friends; Lots of (Bad) Press
From Vermont Tiger, September 11 2009

Our CEO-elect must, must have what it takes to drive policies that create private sector jobs and raise the associated tax base.  Folks, in case any of you have been on Neptune for the last two years ... we need the money and national sentiment is not likely to yield another Vermont bailout from D.C.  Every governor in this country, except maybe one, awakes and thinks, "How do I get industry and jobs in my backyard?"  The answer is commitment.  Commitment of time, resources and political capital.  Ask the next candidates how they will resolve our looming financial problems.  If the answer is a bold, national marketing of Vermont’s limited but superb assets, this might be our guy.  If you hear things like, "Soak the rich!" or "Washington will solve it for us" toss ‘em back into the pond.

Fiscal Reality Sets In For Tom Salmon
Caledonia Record Editorial, September 12, 2009

Given the way the liberal wing of the liberal party has treated Salmon, it is no surprise that he jumped ship on them. They have snubbed him since he showed their leadership that he is not "one of their kind of Democrat." Most recently, Shap Smith, that political neophyte serving an internship in leadership skullduggery under Peter Shumlin, publicly rebuffed Salmon's effort to help get Vermont through its fiscal crisis.

Behr's Den
From Vermont Tiger, September 13, 2009

Newly emboldened, perhaps, by Governor Douglas’ decision to step down after his present term ends, Vermont’s Progressives have made H.100 and S.88 – bills to establish a single payer health care system covering all Vermonters – their top priority for the forthcoming legislative session.  Not content with the ObamaCare legislation now being considered by Congress, Vermont’s Democrats and Progressives want VermontCare – their very own system.

Vermont's Foreclosure Rate Rises, Still Lowest in Nation
From, September 10, 2009

Vermont continues to have the lowest foreclosure rate in the nation as foreclosure rates here and across US continue to be near their all time high in July. RealtyTrac(R) (, the leading online marketplace for foreclosure properties, today released its August 2009 US Foreclosure Market Report, which shows foreclosure filings - default notices, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions - were reported on 358,471 US properties during the month, a decrease of less than 1 percent from the previous month but still an increase of nearly 18 percent from August 2008. The report also shows one in every 357 US housing units received a foreclosure filing in August. Vermont's rate was one in every 9,437. However, in July it was only one in every 28,312, a 200 percent change from July and an 83.3 percent change from August 2008.

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Freedom Under Fire:
The Global War on Terrorism

The War on '9-11'
By Dr. Walid Phares The New Media Journal September 14, 2009

With the change of American administration in 2009, the clock was turned back completely: Damascus and Tehran are to be engaged, Iran's democracy uprising is not to be "meddled in," the Muslim Brotherhood is to be partnered with, the good Taliban is to be invited to sit downs. And at home there is a cascade of retreats: the term War on Terror was dropped, Jihad becomes Yoga, and dismantled jihadi cells are ignored. That brought the push back close to the big bang where the whole national awareness began, the commemoration of 9-11.

Gradually, 9-11 symbolism may be on its way to a museum, or perhaps to cold storage. On Tuesday September 8, three days before the eighth anniversary, the US President addressed the school population of America. These little folks will carry the collective memory of this aggression into the next decade. Not one word mentioned the September Jihad. Is this is where America's classroom needs to go now: to erase those eight years from its memory? We'll see.

Taliban announces surrender in Swat Valley after leader Maulana Fazlullah 'arrested'
The Taliban has announced its surrender in Swat Valley, one of its major strongholds until a Pakistan Army offensive regained control earlier this summer.
By Emal Khan, Telegraph UK, September 12, 2009

Its announcement, made on one of its pirate radio stations, came as its charismatic leader Maulana Fazlullah was reported to be surrounded by Pakistani troops, and there were claims that he had in fact already been arrested.

Beslan: Jihad Against Children Must Trigger Global Response
By Dr. Walid Phares, Family Security Matters, September 9, 2009

Children, too, have been murdered during these ghazwas (jihadi raids). In the post 9/11 era, al Qaeda, the Taliban, Indonesia’ Jemaa, the Janjaweed in Darfur and the Shabab of Somalia, among others, have bombed and slaughtered kids. The al-Muhayya bombing in Saudi Arabia, the Amman bloody wedding, and the Baghdad’s surreal infanticides are only examples as to how Salafi jihadists and Khomeinist operatives have gone in their devastation of children’s lives.

Wake-up Call: Islamists Insert Themselves into Healthcare Debate
By Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, Hudson NY, September 9, 2009

What is remarkable and at issue here, is certainly not the right of MPAC’s leadership to have a personal opinion on health care policy. But what is most telling is how these Islamist organizations have a way of finding a way to worm themselves and their Islamization agenda into every political issue related to government under the name of Islam and Muslims. As is typical of Islamists, they exploit Muslim faith based organizations and their often unsuspecting supporters and members for their own very specific domestic and foreign policy agenda of the day. This agenda clearly and malignantly crosses the line of mosque and state in an aim to impose the Islamization of every topic related to the domain of government and public policy upon the Muslim community and ultimately the greater American community.

Does this ring a bell? It’s the modus operandi of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). They are a well known political party in Egypt with a specific political platform that has now metastasized around the world into hundreds of splinter groups with a headquarters also in London. Ultimately that political platform is Islamism (a.k.a. Political Islam). Islamism is specifically the desire to somehow put shar’iah law (Islamic jurisprudence) into place in government through a legal system not based in reason but rather based in clerical exegesis of Islamic jurisprudence.  The Brotherhood is the predominant global face or front of that movement.

Afghanistan Matters
By John Byrnes, American Thinker, September 7, 2009

George Will has thrown down the gauntlet.  While a few conservatives have always been reluctant about our efforts in Afghanistan, Will’s September 1, column advocating withdrawal has opened a rift on the American right with conservatives taking sides.  George Will says it’s time to quit Afghanistan.  As a soldier who was in Afghanistan for most of 2008 I say unequivocally George Will is wrong; Afghanistan matters.

Yet Another Foreign-Policy Fumble - Throwing Missile Defense Under the Bus
By Peter Brookes, Family Security Matters, September 9, 2009

The Obama administration is getting ready to throw the proposed Eastern European-based US missile-defense system under the bus. The move is a sop to the Russians (and to lefties here at home) – but will render us increasingly vulnerable to the growing Iranian nuclear/missile threat.

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From Elsewhere

Conservative Woodstock Rocks the Capital
Patriotic anti-big-government taxpayers blast through the million protester mark
From Looking at the Left, September 12, 2009

I think this gathering should be appreciated as the extremely important historical event that it is. This is the first great conservative anti-statist manifestation in American history. The conservative movement, which developed in the post-WWII, Cold War environment has now fully matured into the most significant political movement of the 21st century. I believe that this day could be referred to in the not too distant future as the day that changed America. This was the day the great silent conservative majority finally found its voice.

Marxism’s Last (and First) Stronghold
By Samuel Gregg D.Phil., Acton Institute for Religion and Liberty, September 9, 2009

But perhaps the most significant reason for Marxism’s lingering background influence on much West European opinion is an Italian philosopher who died 72 years ago. If you ever doubt the power of intellectuals, the case of Antonio Gramsci is a useful corrective.

A rather unconventional Marxist by 1930s Stalinist standards, Gramsci argued that the key to power lay less in controlling the economic means of production than in capturing the engines of "cultural hegemony" – the universities, the media, the arts, and religious institutions. Gramsci recognized that the Russian Bolsheviks’ violent seizure of power in 1918 had been the exception to the rule. This tactic had failed everywhere else. A protracted ‘war of position’ for control of the culture was, Gramsci believed, the most effective way of establishing a leftist stranglehold over society.

Sun-Caused Warming
From Investor's Business Daily, September 08, 2009

Climate Change: A team of international scientists has finally figured out why sunspots have a dramatic effect on the weather. It shows the folly of fearing the SUV while dismissing that thermonuclear furnace in the sky.

School Day Subjugation
By Jeannie DeAngelis, American Thinker, September 9, 2009

Seemingly oblivious to the fact that the last thing children want to do on the first day is be lectured to, President Obama believed his presence so essential to scholastic achievement that postponing it until things calmed down was not an option. For instance, what student on the first day of school wants to be harangued about the dismal things Obama finds necessary to persistently broach?  Even he admitted, " matter what grade you're in, some of you are probably wishing it were still summer, and you could've stayed in bed just a little longer this morning." An accurate assessment especially after students found out last week that a hot, sweaty assembly, brought to you by Principal/President Barack Obama, was scheduled for the first day.

After Census Severs Ties, ACORN May Face Scrutiny of Housing Grants
ACORN Housing Corporation received $1.6 million in federal money to provide housing services to low-income communities in this fiscal year
From, September 12, 2009

Conservatives have cheered the Census Bureau's decision to sever ties with ACORN because it had lost confidence in the group, but the hidden-camera videos that prompted ACORN to fire four workers this week could raise more questions about the federal funding ACORN receives for housing outreach.

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The Tea Party Movement: How We Got Here
By Dana Loesch, Big Government, September 3, 2009

Something curious happened during the summer of 2008. Democrats, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, shut down the House and C-SPAN cameras with a resolution that passed by just one vote, smack in the middle of an energy crisis. Afterwards, Madame Speaker jetted off on a week-long book tour while gas prices soared.

The Republicans stood in the dark and refused to leave. A few officials, including John Culberson, took out their phones and began Twittering the action to America, this spawning the #dontgo movement. It was the first nudge to the hibernating conservative constituency who were excited about having something over which to be excited in their party. Netroots activists seethed at the realization that Democrats left America in limbo rather than vote against reducing energy costs and drilling stateside - though the majority of the population approved of such. They rallied around the legislators that had the brass to stay and urged them to "Don't go!"

Obama's Tire Tariff
The president imposes a 35 percent tariff on car tires imported from China.
By Irwin M. Stelzer, The Weekly Standard, September 13, 2009

Meanwhile, [Obama] has sent a signal to the Sino-Franco-Russian et al. anti-dollar bloc that for all his talk about international cooperation to fight the recession, he is in the end willing to go it alone if domestic politics so dictate. That will increase their resolve to find some replacement for the dollar as the world's reserve currency. Obama might indeed turn out to be the "transformative" president he intends to be, but not quite in the way he intends.

Public Trust in Media Accuracy Fairness Plunges
Liberal v Conservative Bias Gap at 28 Points.
By Brent Baker, The Media Resource Center, September 14, 2009

“The public’s assessment of the accuracy of news stories is now at its lowest level in more than two decades of Pew Research surveys,” a new poll from the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, embargoed for release at 11 PM EDT Sunday night, discovered. 

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