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True North Archives - February 06, 2007
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It’s Time to Strengthen Laws to Protect Vermont’s Children from Sex Crimes
By Lt. Governor Brian Dubie

Recently, we learned of a tragic crime committed against an innocent child in Bennington County. All Vermonters are deeply saddened and outraged by that rape of a 4-year-old child by an adult man. Adding to our outrage at this terrible crime is a sentence that includes no jail time for this convicted child predator. A year ago, Vermonters watched as a man who sexually abused a young girl over a 10-year period received a 60-day sentence. -- Brian Dubie is Vermont's Lieutenant Governor.

Vermont: The Pro-Abortion State
By Mary Beerworth

Vermont is one of only a very few states that allow abortions to be performed by non-physicians (physician assistants, nurse practioners, and nurse mid-wives). The only statute that pertains to abortion in Vermont is a requirement that each "induced termination of pregnancy" be reported to the Vermont Department of Health within 7 days, for the purposes of data collection. ... --Mary Hahn Beerworth is Executive Director of the Vermont Right to Life Committee.

E-schools for the first E-State
By Kelly Bartlett

What agency is better equipped to teach technology:  old-fashioned schools or global and competitive businesses such as IBM? If property taxes were the number one constituent issue going into elections last November, why exacerbate the problem by building new schools? I suggest that the only new school Vermont can afford at this point is an e-school, a school with such low overhead it can be started in an empty state office room.... -- Kelly Bartlett lives in Jericho

Choosing Sides on Taxing and Spending
By John McClaughry

Senate President Peter Shumlin is so terrified by the supposed threat of man-made global warming that he has made the legislature spend two weeks seeking a way for Vermont to avert it. He was not similarly terrified by a high-tax state government living beyond its means. [Regarding a statutory cap on the growth rate of General Fund] Shumlin's actual words were "very skeptical", but it was clear that what he meant by that was, "over my dead body". --John McClaughry is President of the Ethan Allen Institute.

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This Week’s Mail Bag

Love the Radio Show!

Thank you Paul for all your hard work. You have all my support. Its time to make a change in Montpelier. The left need to go. Thanks for being there every day, love the program.

--Chuck In Duxbury

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Vermont Weekly News Round-Up

Dairy Aid Strains Political Unity
By Nancy Remsen, The Burlington Free Press February 2, 2007

Rob Roper, newly elected chairman of the Vermont Republican Party, issued a statement charging Shumlin with inconsistency on new taxes. In one breath Roper noted that Shumlin said the state didn't have any more capacity, then he "snuck around" and supported a tax increase. …

Americans save least in 73 years
By Martin Crutsinger, The Associated Press, February 2, 2007

People are saving at the lowest level since the Great Depression, and that could be a problem for the millions of baby boomers getting ready to retire.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid
by Michael Quaid, Executive Director Vermonters for Tax Reform, January 30, 2007

Pressure is building in Montpelier for passage of a single-payer, government-run, taxpayer-financed health care plan. If you liked Act 60, then you’ll love this plan, because the author is the same person. And of course, the same ideology is behind both ideas -- the misguided belief that a primary role of government is the redistribution of wealth. Currently, the only plausible suggestions for funding this mandatory scheme are massive increases in the payroll and income tax, as though Vermonters weren’t already being crushed by one of the nation’s highest tax burdens. 

A Future I am Worried About
by Arthur Woolf, The Vermont Economy Newsletter, January 29, 2007

The Burlington Free Press continues to give some of its most valuable real estate to stories on global warming and what Vermonters can do about it. This Sunday, the page one article above the fold was titled The Future Lives Here. I hope not. The article featured a new development in Hinesburg with homes that are extremely well insulated, use new building and energy technologies, and essentially take no electricity from the grid. This makes them "net zero" homes, which are energy self-sufficient. That all comes at a steep price.  At $425,000 to $450,000 for a 1,600 to 1,800 square foot home, the article notes that these houses are 50% more expensive than the average-priced new house built in Chittenden County, which cost $333,500. But they are probably even more expensive than that.

Newark Protesters Hit Statehouse
By James Jardine, Caledonian Record, February 2, 2007

Newark Citizens for Justice told legislators the statewide school property tax is forcing people off their land and making it impossible for Vermont's youth to purchase a home and begin a life of their own in Vermont. Members of the group spent time on the walkway in front of the Statehouse delivering a message that the statewide property tax is unjust. …

No end to complaints or suggestions on property taxes
By Nancy Remsen the Burlington Free Press February 2, 2007

Jim Stevens, 67, is retired, but works two part-time jobs as a mail carrier and bus driver to supplement his retirement income. He said he and his wife live on less than $24,000 a year in a home they purchased in Newark six years ago. Thursday he drove to Montpelier with some of his neighbors to complain about the growing burden of his property taxes. "My tax has gone up 53 percent since I came here," he told members of the House Education and Ways and Means committees, the two House panels charged with examining ways to curb school spending and property tax growth. "I don't know why you have to tax us to death."

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From Elsewhere

Wanted: Another Reagan
The Patriot Post, February 02, 2007

Last month the Czech capital of Prague announced its decision to erect a monument to honor Ronald Reagan. And why not? Similar monuments to the man already exist in Budapest and Warsaw, and elsewhere in Eastern Europe. ... It is entirely proper that our nation's 40th President be memorialized in cities once shrouded by the Iron Curtain. According to one Czech paper, after his 1983 "Evil Empire" speech, "President Reagan was probably the most hated and ridiculed of all the Western leaders by the former communist regime. The communist media relentlessly condemned what they called 'Reagan's war-mongering' and the arms race." Then again, these were state-run media whose leading insights on America came courtesy of CNN.

Following Reagan's death in 2004, Czech Senator Jan Ruml, a pro-democracy dissident imprisoned under the communist regime, recalled the significance of the U.S. President's staunch support for himself and his compatriots. "In the 1980s we placed our hopes in Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher," said Ruml. "The fact that someone out there called communism by its proper name and actually did something to promote freedom and democracy helped us a great deal. Ronald Reagan was the man instrumental in bringing down communism and we should all remember him with great respect as the man thanks to whom we are enjoying our present freedom."

“Peace Surge” Trumps Abortion Protest
Media Research Center Reality Check, January 31, 2007

Obviously, the networks believe some demonstrators are more newsworthy than others. It might just depend on whether the cause is liberal or conservative. On Monday, January 22, none of the networks sent a Washington reporter a few blocks down to the March for Life. CBS and NBC offered brief anchor snippets noting “both sides” of the abortion debate would protest on the anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision, ignoring that one side brings tens of thousands to Washington, and the other side numbers in the tens. ABC did nothing. But over the weekend, the Big Three networks were much more eager to publicize tens of thousands of protesters in Washington just six days later for a different cause: against the war in Iraq and in favor of the impeachment of President Bush.

By Jack Ward, Environmental Conservation Organization, January 29, 2007

During President Eisenhower's 'Farewell Address to the Nation,' he warned the nation about the 'Military-Industrial-Complex.' It was an ominous warning that sinister powers could subvert good intentions. We now know that Eisenhower's speech-writer had originally referred to the "Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex", clearly indicating that Congress was also deeply involved in this sinister process. But Eisenhower was urged to remove "Congressional" in order to placate the guilty members of Congress. President Eisenhower was concerned that the military (charged with protecting the country), the industries (that supply the military with the tools of war), and the Congress (that appropriates the money), would conspire to create a threat when none really existed. Eisenhower's warning was valid then, and a similar threat exists today. The new threat is the Environmental-Media-Congressional-Complex (EMCC). Environmental-Media-Congressional-Complex operates just as the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex operated. ... 

Tucker Plan Includes Cradle Control
By Karen R. Effrem, MD, Environmental Conservation Organization,  January 29, 2007

Marc Tucker’s "new and improved" School to Work opus, Tough Choices or Tough Times, besides treating our children as mere widgets or "human capital" to be used as government and industry see fit, also seeks to begin wresting control from parents about what our children think and believe as early as possible, even before kindergarten. 

Economic Growth, Economic Justice, and Public Policy
By Richard Vedder, American Enterprise Institute, February 2, 2007

My message is somewhat more optimistic and skeptical of the analysis suggesting that vast portions of the American populace are languishing economically. Let me very briefly touch on three points. First, the conventional measures that are typically cited to denote greater inequality are fundamentally flawed and grossly overstate inequality in this nation, and the growth in it over time. Second, even if one accepts the proposition that America has insufficient equality of economic condition, history tells us that public policy efforts to deal with the problem often are ineffective. Third, some policies that conceivably might lower inequality as conventionally measured would, if adopted, have serious adverse consequences to the economy as a whole.

Bush on the Record: The President visits with the Journal editorial board
Opinion Journal, February 1, 2007

President Bush came to Wall Street yesterday to tout the continuing good economic news, and afterward he sat down for 45 minutes with a few members of this newspaper's editorial board. If Mr. Bush is beaten down by the polls and his party's loss of Congress, he isn't showing it.

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