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. True North Archives 07/17/06

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Big Money from Big Wind By John McClaughry (07/17/06) "Suppose you wanted to make a bundle in the electric energy business in the little state of Vermont. How would you go about it? The old-fashioned way would be to generate electricity at a lower cost than your competitors. But forget that – too demanding. Here’s another way: get the federal and state governments to rig the deal in your favor..."

Let's Start Somewhere By Michael Seely (07/14/06) "Unless something changes pretty soon, Vermonters are going to be left with a good view, a big bill and a long drive to see their kids. This state we all love for its pastoral beauty is infected with unrivaled political lunacy."

New York Court of Appeals decides on Gay Marriage By Vermont Renewal  (07/17/06) "On July 6th, the New York Court of Appeals, the Empire State’s version of a supreme court, decided to follow the New York Constitution, respect its legislature and respect the will of its citizens..."

The Great Experiment By Martin Harris (07/17/06) "Old-timers in Vermont’s Addison County will recall Pete Horton, “founding father” of the Addison County Chamber of Commerce. He’s not around here any more, having fled about a decade ago to Tennessee where temperatures are higher and taxes are lower, but his legacy lives on...".

News & Views Archives

State ends fiscal year with expected budget surplus
July 14, 2006, AP
"MONTPELIER, Vt. -- State government finished its budget year with an expected surplus of $36 million, although a lot of the excess money already has been claimed…. The biggest reason was the strength in the largest source, the personal income tax…. The corporate income tax produced strong revenues, too, and so did the sales tax. [But], much of the excess money has already been claimed and some of the boost in ongoing revenues also has been earmarked…."

Editor’s Note: No credit is given in the Vermont press to the Bush Tax cuts, which are largely responsible for these revenue increases. In fact, there is much talk by our elected representatives about repealing these tax cuts at the federal level or canceling them out at the state level. This is just plain stupid. What’s just plain sad is the fact that no Vermont politicians are seriously discussing returning this excess revenue to the taxpayers who earned it, despite the high-tax crisis Vermonters are facing. Montpelier had this money spent before they even materialized! Vermont in need of Stop Over Spending (SOS) legislation that would force Montpelier to return surplus revenue to the taxpayers by law. 

Vermont at Crossroad takes look at ourselves
July 16, 2006, Burlington Free Press Editorial
"Vermonters are increasingly talking about changes sweeping the state. You don't have to look far to see that traditional agriculture is troubled, development is transforming some communities, young people are moving out and average folks can't afford to buy a house, heat it and pay taxes on it…. How would you propose resolving difficult issues, such as energy consumption, the fading family farm, the fleeing young people, the high cost of housing, taxes, health care, education?...We open this debate to you….Write to us with yours -- either as a Letter to the Editor, at a maximum 250 words, or a My Turn, at about 600 words."  Related: Take them up on this offer at!

VT Lawmakers embark on statewide affordability tour
By Peter Hirschfeld Times Argus Staff, July 13, 2006
"BARRE – Why isn't Vermont affordable any more?... The answer, according to [Senators] Wendy Wilton and Kevin Mullin, is out-of-control education spending, irresponsible Medicaid policies, cumbersome permitting processes, a harsh business climate and soaring property taxes…. The lawmakers are touring the state's cities and towns this summer and fall to indict the Legislature's "anti-affordability" policies and propose a "pro-affordability" solution they say can reverse an ominous fiscal trend…."

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Jeffords: Who’s running the show? Staff shielding senator from scrutiny
By DARREN M. ALLEN Vermont Press Bureau, July 16, 2006
"...the 71-year-old senator’s public life since announcing his retirement more than a year ago has been unscripted, and access to Jeffords has been strictly controlled. Longtime political observers say that his staff has largely protected him from the media because of an unspecified health problem..."

Campaign ‘06

Three Congress candidates hold first summer conversation
By Wilson Ring, Associated Press Writer - July 16, 2006
"There were five chairs set up on the stage under the tent…. The chairs reserved for independent Dennis Morrisseau and Republican Martha Rainville remained vacant…. "I would lead in Congress by promoting the return to American leadership and strength, by example and by building and strengthening international organizations and working with our allies," [Peter] Welch said…. "I think overall, foreign policy is about demonstrating how freedom and a free society is the best society, the most prosperous society and there is no nation like America and it's no accident," [Mark] Shepard said." Related: Congressional candidates agree to forums

Rainville calls for inspector general for Congress
By Wilson Ring, Associated Press Writer  - July 11, 2006
"WILLISTON, Vt. --Republican U.S. House candidate Martha Rainville called for the creation of an independent office of public integrity to investigate ethical questions about members of Congress….Rainville announced the proposal as part of what she called the second component of her plan to restore honesty, integrity and accountability to Washington…."

Ask Some Questions
July 8, Editorial in Caledonian Record
"This is an election year. All too often, too many people vote for a candidate or candidates that they think they like, or that claim to be members of their party, or who are attractive, or any other number of a host of reasons that are essentially irrelevant. What's relevant is what a candidate supports or does not support, how he or she answers Yes or No, For or Against questions. Here are some questions that every one of us should ask every candidate on the ballot or proposing to be on the ballot…."







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